Penalty Abatement

One of the worst things about IRS tax controversies are the penalties and interest tacked on to your original bill. There are penalties for late filing, late payment, and negligence, to name but a few–and the interest on unpaid taxes can rapidly increase your total IRS tax liability.

In some cases, the penalties and interest end up being higher than the original tax owed!

If you are struggling with unpaid taxes plus additional penalties and interest, we can help. The IRS may abate certain penalties if there is reasonable cause, and the failure was not due to willful neglect.

Many taxpayers who have not previously had major issues with the IRS can qualify for an IRS first-time penalty abatement. Generally, the IRS does not revoke interest charges, but some established interest suspension provisions do apply–especially where the IRS has made an error.

We understand if you are overwhelmed by penalties and interest. They often appear arbitrary and unfair. We will scrutinize your tax situation to see where penalties and/or interest may be waived.

The good news is that there’s a chance we can get some of your IRS tax penalties and interest removed. 

We will love to help you explore your options and get you IRS tax relief!