Wage Garnishment/Wage Levy

A Wage Levy occurs when the IRS sends a Notice of Levy to your employer demanding that he or she send a portion of your paycheck to the IRS. If your employer fails to comply, they could be held responsible for your IRS tax debt.

An IRS wage levy is extremely unpleasant. The IRS usually gets the bulk of your paycheck, and they don’t leave you enough to pay the bills, until your taxes are paid off and your relationship with your employer is put under a great deal of stress.

If your wages are being garnished, you need help now. Our tax experts will work with you to arrange a suitable IRS payment plan that is far more tolerable than having your regular paycheck docked.

If the IRS has already Garnished your wages, we can help you by negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. It is time to get rid of your IRS wage garnishment predicament!

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